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membership & application submissions are moderated.

the rules.

1. Join the community, you will not be able to post or vote without doing so.
2. Fill out the application form as much as you can. You don't have to go into thorough detail, just put what you feel is necessary.
3. Make sure your application is behind the LJ cut and your subject title is "deep into the mysteries of the universe" (just so we know you understand the rules).
4. ANYONE CAN VOTE. Whether you have been stamped or recently joined. Though only stamped members can join in on the themes but you can still vote on them.
5. You must be voted 5 - 10 times (of the same vote) to be stamped.
6. When voting put the name in the subject line.
7. No causing any distrupt between members and the moderator. You will get TWO WARNINGS. Any more and you will be banned from the community.
8. Once you've been stamped, if you wish, you can put who you were stamped as at the bottom of your vote or use an icon to represent your stamp
10. If you are having a conversation whilst leaving comments but they are not relevent when making your vote please screen them, it helps when counting votes.
11. Please Vote On All The !needs votes Applications You Can. This means at least two or more. Most members familiar with stamping communities place the links to the applications they have voted on under the above statement, (which is found in the application itself) to show they have done so. If you expect to be voted on, the courteous thing is to vote on other members too.

If you aren’t fully satisfied with your stamp, you can re-post the application AFTER A MONTH of posting your first application.

You can only re-apply, ONCE that means even if you CHANGE YOUR USERNAME/ACCOUNT. After the title put "RE-STAMP" just so we know you are applying for a re-stamp.

You only get one stamp per theme/application, unless stated otherwise. If you are not satisfied with your re-stamp, (regular or theme) you can choose whether to keep the re-stamp or keep your original, you don't get both.

If you wish to state who you were stamped as please add it somewhere within your new application so you're not voted the same as before.

the application.
html format

Please copy & paste your application in HTML format post and place behind a LJ cut and your subject title is deep into the mysteries of the universe (just so we know you understand the rules)

stamping options.

The stamping options are open the following sun signs:

Aquarius - The Water Bearer
Aries - The Ram
Cancer - The Crab
Capricorn - The Sea Goat
Gemini - The Twins
Leo - The Lion
Libra - The Scales
Pisces - The Fishes
Sagittarius - The Archer
Scorpio - The Scorpion
Taurus - The Bull
Virgo - The Virgin

You can view our stamps & descriptions here

A New Sign? There is a lot of talk about a "new sign", Ophiuchus, and how this might shift Sun signs to encompass different dates. We use the Tropical Zodiac, (the tropical system defines it based on the position of vernal equinox i.e. the intersection of the ecliptic with the celestial equator) which is not constellation-based, so that axial precession and the discovery of a new constellation does not affect the zodiac signs, just as it hasn't been an issue in the past (axial precession is by no means a new phenomena).

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